Drive Shafts


A broken driveshaft can mean serious downtime. Most automotive service shops simply aren’t equipped to handle the specialized operations of pressing in new universal joints, repairing damaged yokes or rebalancing a repaired shaft. Instead, they rely on driveline specialists who often have a backlog for this high-demand work.

Many of today’s driveshafts are more difficult to repair as well, often featuring universal joints that are staked in place, making the most common joint repair virtually impossible. Most off-the-shelf drive shaft assemblies also require a core in exchange, adding expense to an already pricy job.

100% New and Ready to Install

United States Powertrain has a better solution to drive shaft repair: exclusive 100% new, replacement driveshaft assemblies. Built from scratch using all-new components, our replacement driveshafts ship ready-to-install. They are completely assembled and balanced — simply bolt them into place and you’re back in business. We even have an exclusive solution for longer driveshaft applications.

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