United States Powertrain All-Purpose 80W-90 Limited Slip Lubricant is a multi-functional EP gear oil that delivers superior performance for both on-highway vehicles and off-highway farm and construction equipment. It is made from high quality base oils combined with an innovative sulfur-phosphorus, multi-functional gear oil additive package. United States Powertrain 80W-90 Limited Slip is formulated with limited slip friction modifiers. Formulated for differentials and axle assemblies.


The unique formulation of United States Powertrain Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle ATF combines synthetic base oil with a high-performance additive package to provide excellent performance in such critical areas as low-temperature flow, wear protection, friction stability, and resistance to thermal breakdown. These outstanding features translate into significant operational benefits. Formulated for transfer cases and power transfer units.


United States Powertrain THF Fluid is a superior quality, multifunctional fluid, especially formulated for use in transmissions, final drives, wet breaks and hydraulic systems of tractors and other equipment employing a common fluid reservoir. Formulated for transfer cases and power transfer units.


75W-90 Premium Synthetic Gear Oils from United States Powertrain are totally synthetic lubricants blended to be used in manual transmissions, transfer case and differentials of passenger cars, trucks, tractors, construction and other equipment. Formulated for differentials and axle assemblies.

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