United States Powertrain is a leading supplier of virtually model of manual/standard transmission parts for trucks and cars, both foreign and domestic. All manual/standard transmissions remanufactured by United States Powertrain are assembled under the strictest guidelines to ensure you get a quality product and give you peace of mind. United States Powertrain builds them to last and achieve that by constantly looking for new and improved reliability through upgrades and remanufacturing procedures. United States Powertrain is a full line remanufacturer offering units for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Toyota, all the way from ½ ton to 1½ ton trucks. Some performance cars available, too.

  • 100% inspection of cases and housings for cracks, stripped threads and wear.
  • 100% inspection of all internal parts to ensure they meet specifications.
  • 100% replacement of all bearings, gaskets and seals.
  • 100% complete blasting and cleaning process for a nice finished product.

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